Congruent Propensity

by WC Tank with He Can Jog and Jason Nanna

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    its cold everywhere here
    i’m inventing a month called ‘revember’
    where there’s reverb on every life sound
    and you get to relive warm wet




REVEMBER was performed April 19 at ENEMY in Chicago, as part of a series by that involved several acts experimenting with expanded glass harmonica. For more information on the night and the series view here:

Eric Schoster (He Can Jog) used software loaded with the text of my poems to process Jason Nanna's glass harmonica playing as well as the spill of my vocals performed clean over a bed of exquisite expanded wine glass harmonics.


released November 27, 2012

HE CAN JOG- Software manipulation
JASON NANNA- Glass harmonica
WC TANK- Voice, Word



all rights reserved


WC TANK Milwaukee, Wisconsin

wesley charles tank resides under a fig tree with no pants on

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Track Name: Revember

I awoke and briefly remembered
everything I meant to detail
about the specifics of dreamspace
the tonal suggestion of your quiet bones
concentrically ripple-sliding in fractalized
friction like windchime moans
predetermining escapes to overlapping
internally fictional colour landscapes


again I press against these
ceramic plates and metal sheets with sponge of blue
gushing with hot water and sud
to dissipate the uneaten

while two women I love, in tandem
flutter a decadent rapport
of aged trust and knowing touch
to release the root of a day’s angst

women I love
I could listen to you laugh for hours
while bathing dishes with raisin fingers
waiting for you to sneak
up and tickle
me with appreciation
under lemon scented fluorescent kitchen light


a falling sleep
might sometimes feel confusing

a rising wake
with lamp warm and kind garments still worn
entangled in arms and legs like a straw basket weaving
on the gravelled side of a swampy southern road

Might I
ask you if its alright to turn out the light?

a falling sleep
and dream of childhood desks full of ex-sweatshirts

a rising wake
feeling a pillow-sized divide between us
hurting to grow trees breezing between our pours to show a healthy wind’s breadth
in essence striving to be each other’s blanket of trusted soul embodiment

Might I
go under the covers and kiss your legs while you dreamily rub my hair?


we agree about the walls of the ocean
and the wet edges of nebuli

we disagree about what to do with samuel clemens, tesla
and the yellow bikini

we agree the utensils were right there on the green
and also invisible to the power of negative one

we agree on a belief in allocation forced to be symbolized by an unformed ‘else’
and my blood noisily believing all numbers are imaginary

do we all agree in molecular tandem
that skin exists in a bicycle built for disagreement?


I held lightly as you trembled awake
between dreams

In different ways, we both experienced spiders
sharp bites of life

One had a vision:

mechanical michael jacksons
holy with absent faces
debriefing you on elaborate kitchen combinations

And the other felt a sting:

I was an exposed hip bone to an unwinterized window

We were sharing as much touch as our skin will soak up


Anywhere but somewhere other than here
Where else would we be?

Great sleeper
Rolling over hillsides of breath on my chest

Real ease
How I cried and trembled when you opened my pours with symbiotic pressure
convulsing practicality
We stayed intentional during the duration, even pauses in the perpetuation
felt less like vacations

Taking my turn to be aware
of the terrifying illusion of separateness

I feel you feeling
And so sending

It broke me down because I've never felt so
close in the quiet time
we find a refraction of density


manifesting unexpected emotional annunciation
creating a little cry

feeling out held for you
lightly loosely, fluent in secret time

riptides of warm swarm
swallow you whole in sweater wool

soft landscapes beam award silence
connection to engaging purpose reflection

hallowed hearts bestilled with offering
parallel rafts with only plasma screens between

its cold everywhere here
i’m inventing a month called ‘revember’
where there’s reverb on every life sound
and you get to relive warm wet